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Your performance marketing agency focusing on the special needs of the financial services industry. 

We help businesses in the financial services sector to grow their potential through generating hundreds and thousands of valuable leads. We believe that generating new customers is now easier than ever. Our mission is to demonstrate the power of performance marketing in the financial services industry.  

Why we do what we do? ’Cause we know how to do it. Meet our management team. 

Stefano Biber

Communication specialist. If you want to catch your audience, ask Stefano for advice. With many years of experience in market and business communication, words are his true specialty.

Managing Partner for South America.

Currently living in Medellìn, Colombia.

stefano (at) leadtigers.at

Marcel Harasek

Business professional with many years of experience in the financial services industry and marketing industry, now sharing his expertise to help businesses generate leads.

Founder and Managing Partner for Central Europe. 

Born in the city of Salzburg he now lives near Vienna, Austria. 

marcel (at) leadtigers.at

Daniel Ruzsa

True marketing expert, focusing on Google and social media advertising. Passionate about performance marketing and all those crazy tools that help businesses understand and analyze their customers’ behavior. 

Co-founder. Chief Analytics Officer.

Hungarian native and currently living in Vienna, Austria. 

daniel (at) leadtigers.at


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