Analyze your financial situation,

consider your goals,

and find information you can work with.

Leading you through the financial jungle.

My team and I know how hard it can be to work through numbers, financial information, investment options, financing projects, and more. Things get confusing easily. That’s what we offer: Making things simple again. My team and I want to provide guidance through the financial jungle.


You’ve got an investment offer and would like to have a second opinion? You want to secure your assets for the future? You never really considered running your personal financial situation like a business and accidentally find out how simple that would be?

Just ask us and find out for yourself how easy things could be. We are happy to help.

Financials made easy – and understandable.

We help individuals and small businesses to analyze their financial options. We believe that identifying and understanding key success drivers is equally important to individuals and companies. It might even be the single most important factor to financial stability and growth.

We always search for ways to optimize the status quo and make things easier. This is what drives us.

Why we do what we do?

Our motivation is to help you thrive in the financial jungle. Through our connections in the industry and the things we’ve seen and learned in the past, it is our goal to help you understand your decisions again.

Want to know more?

Ever considered asking for a second opinion on a specific financial topic and never found out whom to ask? Ever felt overwhelmed by analyzing your financial situation? Never really found out how easy things could be to understand and how understanding your situation can help you to achieve your goals? Just call or text me—the first hour is always for free. Let’s work things out together. I am happy to help.

Our services


  • Sales management
  • B2C lead generation
  • Project-based websites


  • Facebook network
  • Google (SEA & SEO)
  • Other channels (project-based)


  • Business analysis
  • Lead funnel analysis 
  • Marketing & sales analysis

Marcel Monberg-Tóth

" I learned it the hard way and had to work through heavy numbers and hundreds of options. I gathered years of experience connecting the right people for each situation. I concluded that financial analyses help most when people understand it. Something the industry often comes short of. Something I want to do differently. "

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